Checklist: Breathe Easy In addition to burglar busting, ADT monitors your home for flood, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.
Posted on Oct 4, 2017 12:00pm

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It's a story that could've had a tragic ending. Awoken by the late-night pounding of emergency responders at their door, Wrenn and Greg Slaven of Cimarron, KS, along with their two grandsons, were evacuated just before firemen stormed their farmhouse with handheld monitors that detected lethal levels of (odorless) carbon monoxide.

Thankfully, the Slavens had ADT carbon monoxide alarms installed. ADT's state-of-the-art smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monitor levels of carbon monoxide gas within the home and when problem arise, the system automatically sounds an alarm while alerting an ADT Customer Monitoring Center to the threat. Unaware of imminent threat, the family went to bed unusually tired and when they didn't respond to ADT’s phone calls, ADT sent help.

If not for the company's foolproof backup systems—designed to alert local officials when problems arise—the Slavens may have never have woken up again. "We are grateful beyond words to God, ADT, and the firefighters," says Wrenn. For the latest on ADT's carbon monoxide detectors—as well as their state-of-the-art fire and smoke detecting systems—visit