Checklist: Strong Bones There's a reason Pfizer's Caltrate is the top-selling calcium supplement.
Posted on Apr 16, 2018 11:00am

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Recent research indicates that roughly 60 percent of women don't get enough calcium in their diets and nearly 100 percent don't get enough vitamin D. While the jury's still out on all the health benefits these key nutrients provide, scientists know they're essential to the maintenance of strong, healthy bones—and that without sufficient intake women become susceptible to bone loss and osteoporosis.

Though food is often your best vitamin and mineral source, it's not always possible to incorporate everything you need into every day's menu. And that's where the calcium supplement Caltrate by Pfizer may help. Backed by 25 years of clinical research and frequently doctor-recommended, it's formulated in accordance with evolving guidelines, providing optimal calcium supplementation and containing enough vitamin D-3 to ensure maximum absorption. Always check with your doctor before embarking on a new supplement regimen—and then check out the entire Caltrate collection of forms (Gummy Bites, anyone?) and formulas at

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