Checklist: Disaster Preparedness For Pets State Farm wants to ensure every family member is covered.
Posted on Oct 9, 2017 04:20pm

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While you've probably thought about where you'd go if disaster struck in your hometown, the folks at State Farm say you can't automatically assume your pets will fit into your plan. If a disaster is predicted—a hurricane, a firestorm—check with your "escape destination" hotels in advance to make sure they're pet-friendly, and if they are, make a reservation. It's important to keep a list of those same hotels in your emergency backpack too, in case an unpredicted disaster occurs.

Make sure pets are micro-chipped, and take photos. Create flyers showcasing your phone number, and save the flyers on your phone, too, so if you and your pet are separated, you can email the flyers to local animal shelters. Remember also that animals are particularly sensitive to atmospheric changes; if a weather front is approaching, bringing pets inside may prevent them from running off. For more pet-preparedness tips, visit