Checklist: Sneeze-Free Fun For Kids And Grown Ups If you or your children suffer from allergies, ZYRTEC® can help you understand them and keep them under control.
Posted on Aug 20, 2019 02:50pm

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It's impossible to prevent your kids from coming into contact with pollen when your family is spending lots of time outdoors, but there are ways to minimize the problem. ZYRTEC®'s handy allergy guide can help you understand your symptoms and offers tips to get relief from symptoms like congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, and more.

Short grass produces less pollen, so keep your lawn trimmed to reduce allergens. Pollen particles are so small you can't even see them sticking to you so, as soon as your kids head inside after a play session, make sure they leave their shoes at the door and change their clothes. Check out all five tips here!

Whether your allergies are seasonal or year-round, you'll find information on how to handle all types of allergens from dust and mildew to tree pollen and pets. ZYRTEC® provides strong relief day after day for common allergy symptoms for you and your family. Talk to your doctor to see if ZYRTEC® is right for you. For product information, prescribing information, medication guide, and possible side effects, visit

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