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Checklist: Dropping Calls Is So Last Year

The T-Mobile network has the latest technology. Does your smartphone?
Posted on Dec 10, 2019 | 01:40pm
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Hanging on to your old iPhone makes some sense for a while. But did you know that T-Mobile is constantly upgrading its network to give you the latest in speed, security, and features, but your old iPhone can't necessarily keep up with the changes?

Sure, the iPhone 11 on T-Mobile gives you all the latest bells and whistles, like a positively Instagram envy-inducing camera, sharper screen definition, and a larger display, but what's really worth the upgrade is the hardware advances in processors and modems that can take your browsing, gaming, and chatting to a whole new level of performance.

Then there's coverage. With T-Mobile's network expansion, the iPhone for T-Mobile doesn't have the dead zones of yesterday. An older phone just can't tap into T-Mobile's low-band 600 MHz รณ the providers newest, most powerful signal that travels farther than ever. And did we mention a better battery? Yeah, there's that too.