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Fall Fashion Trends: Sasha Charnin Morrison's Style Guide

Welcome to the September-October 2019 edition of Casa de Sasha. Our style director's guide to all things fashion.
Posted on Oct 30, 2019 | 02:45pm
By Sasha Charnin Morrison

Twinkle Toes
I'm so sprung on these jeweled slingbacks from Zara, I'd probably jump off a bridge to save them from drowning. They're glimmery suede perfection, and they work with everything from denim to dressy looks. At $90, they're also a red-hot deal. For those who can't accept substitutes, the Manolo Blahnik version comes in equally fiery colors like this vibrant fuchsia.

Biggie Smalls
I wonder what Freud would think of designers' preoccupation with size this season. The newest it-bags are itty bitty, like this li'l Jacquemus design. So, ladies, you can now carry your purse on your pinky finger. I predict this extreme will end up on the arms (and fingers) of fashion influencers this fall, and you just know someone will have the chutzpah to whip out their minuscule Jacquemus Le Chiquiti bag from inside a big satchel.

Puppy Love
Fashion has gone to the dogs! In a good way. L.A. brand Pancake and Godiva is bringing the upcycle clothing movement to our furry friends, reworking those dust bags that come with high-end shoes into designer duds for your petite pooch. You can shop their ready-to-wear collection, which starts at $30, in their Etsy store, or send in your own shoe bags for custom creations. I'm treating my Yorkie, Moe Greene, to a sparkly bomber Saint Laurent jacket decorated with diamanté stones, plus a velour tracksuit. Call it chien couture.

Hop To It
I march to the beat of my own drum, so you can bet I'll be marching these adorable high-heeled bunny slippers right out of my bedroom and onto the streets. The faux fur designs by Streetzies come in two heel heights, stiletto and kitten, and five cute colors—and all are meant to be seen. (Cat lovers, they also make kitty slippers.) I can't wait to take these pretty pets out for a walk.

Originally published in Watch! Magazine, September-October 2019.

Photo Credits: Hildie Plumpepper (Illustration); FWRD (Manolo Blahnik); Apple (iPhone); Richard Bord/Getty Images (Jacquemus); Pancake and Godiva (Dogs); Alice and Chris (Streetzies).