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Checklist: Introducing A New Way to Pay Across Platforms

Streamlined and secure, the new Facebook Pay now lets you make payments directly from your favorite apps.
Posted on Dec 13, 2019 | 11:45am
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Facebook has already been offering one of the most trusted payment experiences for over a decade. And they've processed more than $2 billion in charitable donations from users since launching their first fundraising tools in 2015. Now, Facebook is taking their payment processing power to a whole new level, making it easier and more secure than ever.

You can start using Facebook Pay on Facebook and Messenger now, simply by setting it up app-by-app, or by choosing to set it up with one preferred payment across apps. It's easy to view payment history, manage and update settings and payment methods, and even get real-time customer support on live chat. And soon, Facebook Pay will roll out in WhatsApp and Instagram, so control over your spending will be easier than ever. Add in more security features and personal data protection, and Facebook Pay makes it safer than ever to give to fundraisers, make in-game and event ticket purchases, and person-to-person payments.

You give, play and pay on Facebook and Messenger already. Now, just by signing up quickly and securely in your Settings, Facebook Pay makes it all just a tap