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Checklist: Nike Just Did It Again!

With its latest colorful line, sportswear giant Nike telegraphs a powerful, healing message.
Posted on Jun 23, 2020 | 05:05pm
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As a longtime contributor to the healing of underserved communities through its N7 Fund—which bolsters organizations that offer sports, education, and career development programs—this summer Nike underscores its true colors with a beautiful new collection. Inspired by the heritage plants that evoke the healing force of the land, Nike N7 Collection features designs around these healing plants as well as paying homage to the traditional healing methods that unite North America’s Indigenous communities. 

Yep, with shoes and apparel whose patterns and colors draw from the lines and tones of medicinal plants such as aloe, yucca, wild rose, dandelion, and prickly pear, the longtime “just do it” advocate is doing it again. Tempting us, that is, not only with pretty plants, but with bold geometric shapes and arrow-derived patterns representing both the plants’ healing powers, and the idea of forward motion and strength in numbers. 

Learn more about Nike N7’s relationship with The Indigenous 20-Something Project, and check out the fresh looks that relationship inspired at