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Checklist: Combined Forces For Better Mental Health Options

Neurocrine Biosciences and Takeda Pharmaceuticals collaborate to develop new therapies for psychiatric disorders.
Posted on Aug 25, 2020 | 08:30am
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San Diego-based Neurocrine Biosciences—having spent 28 years developing treatments for debilitating neurological, endocrine, and psychiatric disorders—has combined forces with Japan-based pharmaceutical giant Takeda, long dedicated to alleviating the suffering of those with neurological diseases and to raising disease awareness as well. Their partnership will provide Neurocrine with rights to seven therapies now in the Takeda pipeline, including three in clinical-trial stages for treating schizophrenia, treatment-resistant depression, and anhedonia (the inability to feel happy). 

"We are excited to collaborate with Takeda to bring life-changing therapies to people living with serious, challenging, and under-addressed psychiatric disorders who are in need of better treatment options," says Keving Gorman, Ph.D., CEO at Neurocrine Biosciences. Citing Neurocrine's deep roots in psychiatry and neurology, he also notes that the partnership "enhances our growing pipeline and strengthens our position as a leading neuroscience-focused biopharmaceutical company."

Photo Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images