Checklist: Kiss Your Worries Goodbye

Colonial Penn offers affordable life insurance for nearly every age range and circumstance.
Posted on Apr 4, 2022 | 09:05am
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Colonial Penn has spent over 60 years easing the minds of consumer life insurance clients at wallet-friendly prices. A trailblazer in creating insurance tailored for the mature market, today Colonial Penn offers a variety of plans for ages 18-85, all underpinned by the idea of lightening financial burdens at difficult times.

Offering easy-issue term-life insurance and permanent whole-life insurance, their most popular plan is Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance, exclusively for ages 50 and over. Providing lasting, whole-life coverage with no medical exam required, the Guaranteed Acceptance plan means you can’t be turned down for health reasons.

A little responsible forethought, say the folks at Colonial Penn, goes a long way toward lifting the worry of burdening your loved ones in the future, and allowing yourself to live fully in the here and now. To determine the plan that’s right for you, call or visit colonialpenn.com.