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Take flight with the new Apple iPad Air.
Posted on Nov 28, 2022 | 06:40am
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When it comes to performance, speed, and portability, nothing beats the new Apple iPad Air. Powered by the Apple-designed M1 chip, the iPad Air delivers a game-changing surge forward in performance. Built with a USB-C port enabling 2x faster transfer speeds and lightning-quick 5G on cell models, the new iPad Air flies so fast you’ll be scrambling for a seatbelt.

The iPad Air also boasts a new Ultra Wide front camera with Center Stage that pans and zooms automatically. The 12MP back camera captures sharp photos, clear 4k video, and high-res scans. Throw in the iPadOS 15 and you’ll feel the difference in everything you do digitally, from creating, to gaming, to 3D designing, to having fun with AR. And best of all, the new iPad Air is available at the same affordable price. Discover more at apple.com.