Checklist: Vacay Your Way

Airbnb is rolling out their biggest and best revamp in a decade, just in time for this summer’s travel wave.
Posted on Jun 13, 2022 | 01:05pm
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From the company that completely changed the way we stay when we’re away, Airbnb is now changing the way they help us vacation. Three cool new features are now available on the App and the site, and they’ll help you plan your best getaway ever.

AirBnB’s new Categories present properties in over 100,000 towns and cities around the world according to vacation type or house type, rather than a specific location. So you can search for a vacation spot to Surf, enjoy a National Park, go Wine Tasting, Skiing, or Golfing, and discover fantastic destinations you’d never dreamed of! You can also search by property type and explore everything from Tiny Houses to Castles, Amazing Pools to Amazing Views, Barns to Boats, and Towers to Treehouses.

The new Split Stays lets you seamlessly split your longer stays between properties, which actually lets you see even more availability than when you try to book just one location.

Now Airbnb offers AirCover, giving you even more traveler protections including 24-hr traveler safety assistance and booking guarantees against host cancellations. airbnb.com