Checklist: Return of the Phantom

With the completed rollout of its Scotty Cameron Phantom X putter collection, Titleist takes the crown.
Posted on Jun 13, 2022 | 10:35am
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The three high-performance mallets completing Titleist’s 2022 10-putter Scotty Cameron Phantom X lineup arrive in golf shops on June 17. Seven custom models debuted in April, and the newcomers offer yet more strategic options. Like their predecessors, all have solid precision-milled 303 stainless steel faces and customizable stainless steel sole weights.

But the Phantom X 5 features a wingback mid-mallet shape, a straight shaft, and a milled topline sight line; while the high-MOI face-balanced Phantom X 11 boasts new graphics and the 2022 Phantom X sole design, and features a mid-bend shaft. Identical to the X 11 aside from its low-bend shaft design is the Phantom X 11.5—which, like the X11, has its topline, body, and wings integrated with an aluminum flange/sole component with simple alignment cues.

“The Phantom X family,” says Scotty Cameron, “is all about premium precision-milled mallets designed for those looking to make more putts.” titleist.com