Checklist: Three Birthday Riches

Birthdays are a time to reevaluate your financial picture, and MassMutual advises focusing on three aspects in particular.
Posted on Aug 16, 2022 | 01:50pm
No one’s suggesting you spend your special day mired in the minutiae of financial planning, but since birthdays do mark the passing of another year, the folks at MassMutual say they’re the perfect time for ensuring your money’s keeping pace with your plans.

Start by checking your retirement progress using MassMutual’s online calculator, requiring only that you answer a few questions and hit “calculate.” Just being a year older than the last time you checked may spur thoughts on anything from employer retirement offerings, to savings catch-up options, to Social Security strategizing. Additionally, says MassMutual, birthdays make sense for reevaluating risk in your investment portfolios (is it time to get a bit more conservative?)—and finally, for updating beneficiaries on existing holdings, an often overlooked detail.

Whether your birthday wishes involve retirement planning or simple smart savings, MassMutual has the tools and resources to make them come true. massmutual.com