Checklist: Investing Access for All

Robinhood reups investing power to the people.
Posted on Nov 28, 2022 | 12:50pm
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Always wanted to dabble in the stock market or crypto but didn’t think you could? Robinhood is here to help you make it happen! Whether you want to learn a lot about investing, and whether you only have a little to invest, with its unique approach to learning and trading, Robinhood is the investing platform for you.

At Robinhood, you can invest in fractional shares, which means you can build your portfolio without breaking the bank. You can earn a whopping 3.75% on your cash, rather than having your uninvested cash just sit there collecting dust. Earning income on stocks you own is also an option with Robinhood’s Stock Lending. And, you can even get in on the crypto action with no network fees and decentralized apps.

Take advantage of all Robinhood has to offer and get rewarded. Sign up for Robinhood or refer a friend and you’ll get a bonus free fractional share in a company you love! robinhood.com