Mo Rocca's Top 10 Summer Musts

Journalist, humorist, history buff, podcast host, and CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Mo Rocca shares what's on his mind during these hot days.
Posted on Aug 15, 2019 | 09:00am
1. A frozen piña colada with an umbrella in it.

2. A refreshing liverwurst sandwich. I'm determined to make liverwurst the new meatloaf. It's this super fatty deli meat that is less and less available. But I just want it. My mother used to make us sandwiches with liverwurst and would cut the crust off the bread. I should write a Mobituary for all those crusts.

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3. Time off

4. A cool mountain hideaway to escape the tidal surge that will engulf us all as a result of global warming. There's a woman I know who's given serious thought about where to escape to. She looked at me and she said one word: "Utica."

This city in New York state has a safe elevation. It's got a good water supply. And it's got all these really great brick Victorians from the 19th century that are super cheap.

5. A decent air conditioner.

6. Orange shorts to wear with my Tevas. A friend of mine took my Tevas and threw them in the trash can. He thought it was a tough love thing.

7. Cool sheets. If anyone can tell me where to find them, I would appreciate that.

8. Fireflies. When I see them, I realize how much I've been missing. I really hope that there are fireflies in Utica, because I'm going to be spending a lot of time there.

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9. Bigger ice cubes. I don't want to have to go to one of those bars where drinks are $20 to get a giant ice cube. Homegrown ice cubes are a summer a must.

10. A friend with a really great house in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Photo Credits: John P. Fil/CBS (Rocca); Sharon Washington/Getty Images (Pina Colada); Westend61/Getty Images (Liverwurst); peterspiro/Getty Images (Victorian); Mindstyle/Getty Images (Fireflies).

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