Photos Of The Week: Top Instagram Pics

The creative team at Watch shares some of their all-time favorite photos and shoots. Here, their thoughts on this week’s notable Instagram selections, curated by our social media editor.
Posted on Mar 12, 2021 | 10:30am

“One of our remote shoots, which took place in such an unsettling period during the pandemic. We all felt so uplifted working with Folake Olowofoyeku and a very talented crew. You can really see her strength shining through in this particular image!” — Alice Ross, Deputy Photo Editor

Photography by David Needleman

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“This throwback photo of Allison Janney was one of those perfect impromptu moments. We had just finished shooting her in another area of Paris’ famed Hôtel Plaza Athénée. Walking back to the suite through The historic Galerie des Gobelins for a wardrobe change I noticed a few empty tables and some guests enjoying mountains of fresh pastries. 'Allison, can we have you for one more minute?' I swiftly asked for a table for one and a selection of baked treats ... Voila!” — Christopher Ross, Director of Photography

Photography by Patrick Demarchelier

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“We hosted the entire cast of Criminal Minds at the Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park for a cover/feature photo shoot. And you can gauge how a photo shoot is going to progress from how it starts. With Aisha Tyler, it started with beauty, glamour, and steam. As soon as she walked out of the styling trailer, dressed in a metallic trench coat, I had a feeling that the day would be perfect. 

We wanted to explore Hitchcock's classic, Strangers on a Train, one of my favorites. Robert Trachtenberg, our photographer, had Aisha situated in a slender walkway between one of the vintage passenger cars and the construction in progress at the rail museum. We flooded the area with smoke and Aisha did all the rest. She was gorgeous and regal as she walked in and out of the smoke in that metallic and helped define the mood of the entire shoot. She was breathtaking!” — Ed Mann, Creative Director

Photography by Robert Trachtenberg

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