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    World War II: Final Days

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    It's the waning days of World War II. Hitler, losing the war and his mind, has holed up in a bunker. Fifty feet above him, the Soviet Bear is at Berlin's door and knocking hard. While Allied forces crush Nazi Germany, the lives of ten people in Berlin, Holland, the Baltic and Italy are being forever shaped by the chaos and devastation around them. One will capture a city. One will hide for her life. One will try to bring relief to a starving nation. One will stumble upon the Third Reich's greatest atrocity. Hear all of their stories - firsthand.

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World War II: Final Days
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As the deadliest war in history draws to an end, the bloodshed is far from over. For ten soldiers and civilians caught in this theatre of war's final act, the last days of World War II would change their lives forever. Witness the stories of the courageous men and women whose sacrifice and survival, triumph and tragedy provide unique insight into some of the most terrifying days in history. Their firsthand accounts will take you into Hitler's Bunker, to the scene of Mussolini's capture and murder, and to the horrific discovery of the Nazi's most ghastly secret.
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World War II: Final Days