Young Sheldon Becomes A Football Star (Kinda) In The Latest Episode What happens when the wunderkind applies statistics to sports?
Posted on Nov 21, 2017 09:00am

In the latest episode of Young Sheldon, "A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom," which airs on Thursday, Nov. 23 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS and CBS All Access, Sheldon (Iain Armitage) gets as close as he'll ever get to being a certified jock at his high school.

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When the Cooper family wiz uses statistics to predict the outcome of a football game, George Sr. (Lance Barber) decides to put his son's calculation skills to the test for the team he coaches at school.

It isn't long before Sheldon's gift puts him in the spotlight at school, and he finds himself struggling with newfound popularity.

How will Sheldon adjust to being the center of attention among his fellow students?

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