CBS Renegades Who Will Insipire You To Go #NoRules

Leroy Jethro Gibbs - <em>NCIS</em>

Leroy Jethro Gibbs - NCIS

This season on NCIS, Gibbs faced off against Sergei Mishnev, renegade-style. Mishnev was a mercenary from Russia and Gibbs went off-book with Russian Counselor Anton Pavlenko to lure him to a remote cabin in the woods. When Mishnev got there, it was all over for him.

Gibbs is so renegade he even creates his own set of rules—and then goes and breaks those, too.

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Penelope Garcia - <em>Criminal Minds</em>

Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds

Anyone given an offer to work for the FBI to avoid jail time is definitely a renegade. First, Garcia was a renegade who broke the law for the betterment of both animal and mankind. Then when she went renegade from the hacker stereotype and joined up with Johnny Law (aka the FBI). That's like being a renegade and then a reverse renegade. Trust us, that makes sense.

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Kensi Blye - <em>NCIS: Los Angeles</em>

Kensi Blye - NCIS: Los Angeles

In Season 5, Kensi was ordered to take out the "White Ghost" while serving in Afghanistan. When the target turned out to be her ex-fiancé, Jack, she missed the shot on purpose and later took off alone on horse, with no weapon, to find him. All of this against orders, by the way.

Don't play the renegade card against Kensi Blye; she'll play it right back, and harder.

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G. Callen - <em>NCIS: Los Angeles</em>

G. Callen - NCIS: Los Angeles

First of all, anyone who doesn't have a first name is a renegade. That's not debatable. Furthermore, Callen lived in 37 foster homes. You read that correctly: 37.

Good thing for Callen, Hetty found him at a young age and molded his renegade tendencies into a superb government agent.

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Alicia Florrick - <em>The Good Wife</em>

Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife

Alicia isn't your typical Governor's wife. Sure, she's still in the marriage, but in no way is she conforming to its standards. When faced with the challenges she's endured, any other woman might've given up, but not Alicia. She's tackled her problems head on, didn't let them stop her from running for State's Attorney, and starting her own law firm when that didn't work out.

When life gives Alicia lemons, she throws them right back, renegade-style.

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Max Black - <em>2 Broke Girls</em>

Max Black - 2 Broke Girls

Max roofied her best friend Caroline and then took her on a joyride in a $450,000 car to the Hamptons without her permission. Not your average way to make someone happy on their birthday, but when has Max ever done anything average?

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Harold Finch and John Reese - <em>Person Of Interest</em>

Harold Finch and John Reese - Person Of Interest

These two crime fighters aren't backed by any law enforcement agency; they just went rogue. The normal rules and regulations don't apply to Harold Finch and John Reese, and maybe that's why they're so effective. They operate above the law, under the law, and pretty much everywhere the law can't get to. They do what's right, and don't let anyone stop them.

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Sherlock Holmes - <em>Elementary</em>

Sherlock Holmes - Elementary

Holmes' methods are anything but standard.  Technically, he's a consulting detective, but he doesn't get paid? And then there's the thing with the bees. But don't go trying his unorthodox ways yourself. The only reason Sherlock gets away with it is because of his legendary deductive skills and his ability to catch criminals before they strike again.

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Walter O'Brien - <em>Scorpion</em>

Walter O'Brien - Scorpion

Most of us care what other people think. Walter O'Brien definitely does not. When you know you're pretty much right all the time, it's hard to follow rules set by other people who don't have the information you do.

His mind is always focused on the greater good however, so if he has to break a few rules to further that goal, he will.

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Ralph Dineen - <em>Scorpion</em>

Ralph Dineen - Scorpion

When Walter and the rest of Scorpion were in trouble, Ralph ditched school to save them—and the entire city! He risked his own life to stop a dangerous nerve gas from escaping through the vents of a research building. And he did all it without help from any adults.

Coolest kid ever? Yes.

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Avery Ryan - <em>CSI: Cyber</em>

Avery Ryan - CSI: Cyber

While other government agents are hiring agents out of prestigious colleges and universities, Avery Ryan recruits black-hat hackers and turns them into valuable government assets. She used to be a psychological practitioner before her client database was hacked, so now she hunts down the worst the dark web has to offer.

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Jackson Oz - <em>Zoo</em>

Jackson Oz - Zoo

Jackson Oz is a young renegade American zoologist who spends his days running safaris in the wilds of Africa. If you didn't think a zoologist could have the street cred to be considered a renegade, then you're in for a treat when Zoo premieres on Tuesday, June 30, at 9/8c on CBS.