These 9 Adorable Animals Should Actually Terrify You

1. Slow Loris

1. 1. Slow Loris

These big-eyed beauties may look snuggly, but they pack a poisonous punch. If threatened, the slow loris will release a toxin from the sides of its elbows. Then, it will lick the toxin and bite its predator, sometimes sending the unlucky attacker into anaphylactic shock. Yikes! 

Minden Pictures/Corbis, Ch'ien Lee
2. Giant Panda

2. 2. Giant Panda

Awww, don’t these panda twins look so cute with their noses pressed together? Of course they do, but remember that looks can be deceiving. Giant pandas have incredibly strong jaws and bone-crushing teeth that they use to devour bamboo and the occasional rodent. If you were hoping to hug a panda, you might want to reconsider. Remember, the animals in Zoo are developing strategies we didn't imagine before. Lulling us in with cuteness could spell trouble.

Xinhua Press/Corbis, Wang Lei

3. Siberian Chipmunk

3. 3. Siberian Chipmunk

You’re probably thinking, “How on Earth could these cute little chipmunks be dangerous?” We did, too. But Siberian chipmunks aren’t just adorable balls of fluff. These critters are often harboring ticks, and they can infect humans with Lyme disease, which can be lethal if left untreated. 

Minden Pictures/Corbis, Mitsuaki Iwago
4. Platypus

4. 4. Platypus

The platypus is definitely a unique mammal. Not only does it resemble a duck, beaver, and otter, all at once, but it is also one of only two mammals that lay eggs. Don’t be distracted by their quirky nature, though—these beaked beauties can cause some serious damage. Male platypuses have poisonous stingers on their back feet and they’re not afraid to use them.  

 Reuters/Corbis, Mick Tsikas
5. Leopard Seal

5. 5. Leopard Seal

It’s hard to imagine this smiley seal as anything but friendly and playful, but leopard seals can actually be quite ferocious. These spotted swimmers have long, sharp teeth that are used to rip through other warm-blooded animals, including smaller seals. As if their cannibalistic tendencies weren’t scary enough, leopard seals can stalk prey on land as well as underwater, sometimes beating their soon-to-be meal against the ground until it’s rendered lifeless. 

Alaska Stock/Corbis
6.Golden Poison Dart Frog

6. 6.Golden Poison Dart Frog

Sometimes the deadliest things come in the tiniest packages. This yellow frog only grows up to two inches long, but its venom is deadly enough to kill 10 people. Scientists believe these frogs get their toxicity from eating poisonous bugs and plants.  

Visuals Unlimited/Corbis, Thomas Marent

7. 7.Pufferfish

The pufferfish is so cute we could just die—that is, of course, only if we touched it. While these squee-inducing fish look innocent in their relaxed state, they become terrifyingly huge and spiky when intimidated. As if their appearance wasn’t scary enough, pufferfish carry a toxic substance that is strong enough to kill 30 people. Pufferfish is a delicacy in some places, but we wouldn’t recommend ordering it any time soon. Ingesting this creature, even when it’s dead, can still kill you. And did we mention there’s no antidote? Stay far, far away from these smirking sea beasts!  

 Design Pics/Corbis, David Fleetham

8. Sloth

8. 8. Sloth

Sloths are easy to underestimate. They’re adorable, incredibly slow, and sleep for at least 12 hours every single day. But just because they move at a rate of approximately three feet per minute doesn’t mean they can’t defend themselves if attacked. Both the two- and three-toed sloths have razor sharp claws to ward off unwanted visitors. 

Reuters/Corbis, Carlos Jasso
9. Dingo

9. 9. Dingo

Unlike other dogs, no one considers dingoes to be man’s best friend. These fluffy pups are highly intelligent but equally merciless. Their rotatable paws and necks allow them to hunt better than most other canines, and a single dingo can kill animals as big as a kangaroo. When traveling in packs, the females designate an alpha who proves her dominance by eating all of the other female dingoes' newborn offspring. After watching Zoopretty much any animal that travels in packs should make you a little nervous.