The Amazing Race 26 Will Be The Most Extreme Blind Date Ever

Learn More About The New Season The Amazing Race 26, premiering on Wednesday, February 25 at 9:30/8:30c, will match five singles with a partner to race around the world with. These five blind dating pairs will compete against six actual dating couples.

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9 Things We Discovered During Amy & Maya's Winners Chat

The Inside Scoop

Check out what Amy & Maya had to say about their Amazing Race experience.

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Sweet Scientists Become the Third All-Female Team to Take Home the Million

Congrats to Maya and Amy for Winning The Amazing Race

Another amazing season is in the history books. For the third time ever, an all-female team beat out the competition, and Sweet Scientists Amy and Maya took home the million dollar prize.

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What You Didn't See on the 300th Leg

Episode 7 Bonus Scenes Racers made their way through Italy during the 300th leg of the Race, but there's more that you didn't see.

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