What You Didn't See on the 300th Leg

Episode 7 Bonus Scenes Racers made their way through Italy during the 300th leg of the Race, but there's more that you didn't see.

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Phil Keoghan Live Tweets the 300th Leg

Social Round-Up Phil Keoghan live-tweeted the amazing 300th leg of the Race and shared more behind-the-scenes photos than ever before! Check out a round-up below.

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The Amazing Race Gets Fall Finale & Spring Premiere Dates

Schedule Update Find out The Amazing Race fall finale and spring premiere dates.

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Getting Lost on the Race

Episode 6 Bonus Clips Shelley and Nici were eliminated due to getting lost, but they weren't the only ones who went through it. Other teams talk about struggling to find the locations during this leg of the Race.

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