Teams Share Differing U-Turn Point of Views

Episode 5 Bonus Scenes Keith and Whitney try not to give up while Nici and Shelley talk about their decision to U-Turn. Check out bonus scenes you didn't see on the episode.

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Feuding, Selling and Saving in Copenhagen

Episode 4 Bonus Scenes The dentists were saved in more ways than one while Shelley and Nici had an intense argument, but there's a lot more that you didn't see on Friday's episode.

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Things We Learned From Phil Keoghan's Live Tweet

Episode 4 Phil shared some behind-the-scenes info when he live-tweeted with fans during Friday night's The Amazing Race.

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Why There's No Horsing Around During Animal Challenges

Bonus Scenes From "Get Your Sheep Together" Working with animals can be equal parts frustrating AND fun! Watch bonus clips to see the Racers talk about their experiences this week.

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