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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I E-mail Dave and others at the show?

Sadly, CBS has not yet set up internet service at the LATE SHOW offices. Until this happens (hopefully by mid-'09), your best bet is to send a telegram. However, you may e-mail David Letterman, Paul Shaffer or the LATE SHOW staff with questions or comments about the show and/or this website at

What's Dave really like?

A number of people ask this question which is testimony to how life-like the Omega 386L Cyborg "Dave" truly is. All the credit must go to the talented, hard-working scientists at HLT Labs.

Does Dave, or anyone else for that matter, actually read our E-mail and other correspondence?

While Dave may not see every single letter sent to him, all letters addressed to him at are sent to his office for review. Each and every letter received via E-mail is read and passed along to the appropriate person(s) at the show. While some letter writers may get a personal response from a staffer, please know that due to the very large number of correspondence we receive, we cannot guarantee a response in every case.

I've got a Stupid Pet or Stupid Human Trick. How can I get picked for the show?

First, you really need to determine whether it's a pet or a human that's doing the trick. However, if it actually is a trick performed by a Human Pet, legal issues prevent us from presenting it.

You may e-mail our Stupid Tricks department. If your trick is safe and fun for all participants, fits our format and hasn't already been performed on the show, we will call you back should we be interested in using your trick.

Additionally, we regularly schedule Stupid Trick auditions in various cities around the country. Check out Pants News for current cities and dates.

What goes on during the commercials?

CBS earns revenue by selling airtime to advertisers. Good question!

I know of a "regular" person who would make a great guest for the show. How can I bring them to your attention?

The best way for a "regular" person to get on the show is to spend years becoming a fabulously successful actor, musician, athlete, or other kind of beloved celebrity.

"Human interest" guests fall basically into two categories: topical, and people with unusual hobbies, talents, or obsessions.

What we look for in a topical story varies widely. It can be anything from a lottery winner to a dog who steals his owner's truck. We have featured a nurse who saved her son's iguana by giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; a 10-year-old boy who was home alone and punched out a burglar who was trying to break into his house; and the man who George Steinbrenner dubbed the "Number One Yankee Fan" because he waited on line 33 hours for play-off tickets.

What all of these stories have in common is that they are light-hearted stories with a happy ending. Hero stories are always welcome. Other human interest guests are people with unusual hobbies, talents, or acts. These are likable, outgoing individuals who do something extraordinary. Examples of this type of guest are the 105-year-old woman who wrote a horse handicapping column for the New York Post; the "Human Echo," a man who could repeat anything anyone said in 1/50th of a second; and a pool player and trick shot artist who could knock 90 balls into the pockets with one shot.

f you consider yourself to be one of these people, or if you know of someone who might make a great human interest guest, please e-mail our Human Interest Guest department. *Please do not send e-mails regarding music acts.

Paul Shaffer is the best thing on the show! In fact, he's the best thing on TV! Can you tell me more about him?

Paul is originally from Canada and has been with Dave since the NBC days. Before that, Paul was the bandleader on Saturday Night Live. In his free time, Paul enjoys sending anonymous questions to the LATE SHOW website.

I've heard that the LATE SHOW offers internship positions. How can I apply for one?

As the show is signing off on May 20, 2015 our internship program is concluding with the Spring 2015 semester. We are no longer accepting applications. Thank you for your interest in the Late Show with David Letterman.

I missed an episode of the LATE SHOW. Can I order a copy from the show?

Certainly. Just send us $20 and the date of the show you'd like. After months pass and no tape arrives, call us. We'll deny ever receiving your order.

Sorry, but we are unable to provide any videotape copies of previous episodes of the LATE SHOW. However, we suggest you visit the "" Internet newsgroup and post a request for the specific show you need there. Chances are good that someone will see your message and be willing to provide you with a copy of their own tape.

How can I receive an autographed photo of Dave or Paul?

This is not possible, as both Dave and Paul believe that the camera steals one's soul. Curiously, this is not the case with video cameras.

If you would like to request an autographed photo of Dave, please fax your request to: Dave Autograph Request Attn: Susan Kolenovic 212-975-4734

For an autographed photo of Paul, please fax your request to: Paul Autograph Request 212-975-4734

Please allow several weeks for a reply.

How do I order LATE SHOW merchandise?

A variety of LATE SHOW novelty items such as hydraulic jacks, insole cushions, salt licks, and vacuum cleaner bags can often be found at your local "Job Lots" or "99 Cents" store.

More highbrow merchandise from the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN can be purchased from the official CBS Store.

How does Dave prepare for the show every day?