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Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About Cuba

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

10. Cuba is run by Castro brothers Fidel, Raul, and Cooper

9. Pronounced "Cooba" by natives and pretentious American blowhards

8. Fidel Castro has thwarted multiple assassination attempts by Seth Rogen and James Franco

7. Cuba has never been hacked because they have no Internet

6. Highest civilian honor: receiving a second-hand jacket from Castro's sister

5. Stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (Oh, I'm sorry, that's something you might not know about Scuba)

4. At age 18, every Cuban must perform 4 years of service in baseball

3. Birthplace of Jose Canseco, burial place of his severed finger

2. Cuban "Wheel of Fortune" stars Havana White

1. Cuba has the world's greatest number of vintage American cars second only to Jay Leno

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