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On a beautiful sunny afternoon in New York City, The Black Keys' arrived; ready to stun the streets by bringing their 'Live on Letterman' webcast outside of the historic Ed Sullivan Theatre. The band appeared unannounced on the fire escape, just off broadway on the side of the theatre and performed the first single off their new album "Turn Blue" entitled 'Fever' followed by a rocking version of the album's title track before signing off TV Land and kicking off their very first "Live on Letterman" webcast - all on the eve of "Turn Blue's" release.

Their performance was certainly one for the history books, as well as perhaps one of the best kept secrets in town - with the band turning more than a few heads on Broadway after kicking into 'Fever'. Before long, fans were flocking to the sounds of Keys' tunes like ‘Gold On The Ceiling’ and ‘It's Up to You Now’ to get a glimpse of the group - the latter of the two songs being being performed live for the very first time.

As the duo's set rolled on, they performed a number of favorites from 2011's 'El Camino' as well as revisited earlier numbers like ‘Tighten Up’ - with the bands undeniable musical progression over time coupled with their surprise performance making it impossible to not think back to the classic images of The Beatles performing new material for the first time atop atop Abbey Road Studios in London - and the reactions of the fans as they scrambled to become a part of rock & roll history. 

It truly felt like almost 50 years in the wake of The Beatles performance, rock & roll had completely folded into itself, right back to where it began all those years ago. While the rooftop show still stands as one of the best of all time, tonight was all about about Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys' and their new album "Turn Blue" - which would be out in just a few short hours. The groups performance served as the first true live taste of new music for fans - all but permanently cementing themselves in with some of the greatest moments in 'Letterman' history. 

The Black Keys' went on to perform tracks like ‘Bullet’, ‘Next Girl’ and ‘Lonely Boy’ in pristine fashion, backed by a rollicking live band that filled the streets with sound as if it was coming from the skies; wrapping up arguably the most rock & roll season premiere of 'Live on Letterman' yet!

by Gian Vassaliko

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Turn Blue, the new album from Akron, Ohio natives The Black Keys – duo Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney – is produced by Danger Mouse, Auerbach and Carney. The album, released on Nonesuch Records, is comprised of 11 new tracks, including the first single, “Fever,” which is currently #1 on AAA radio and #5 on Alternative radio. The duo has garnered critical acclaim since the launch of their first major label release in 2006, Magic Potion, and have earned six GRAMMY® Awards for their work on 2010’s Brothers and 2011’s El Camino, both of which are certified RIAA Platinum. Following the release of Turn Blue, The Black Keys will headline the Hangout Festival in Alabama before embarking on an extensive European festival tour this summer. The band will also kick off a U.S. tour this fall.