Blood vs. Water Gets Another Twist

Loved Ones Square Off With the Return of Exile Island Exile Island returns to Survivor this season. Will relationships survive this twist?

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13 Memorable Moments from the Original Blood vs. Water

A Look Back Survivor is BACK on September 24th and the countdown is on! As we patiently wait for the second coming of the critically acclaimed Blood vs. Water twist to begin, look back on some of the best moments from the first installment.

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15 Little-Known Facts About Survivor Cagayan

Get the Inside Scoop Survivor: Cagayan was season for the books! We know you watched every episode, but there's more about last season that you didn't know. Check out 16 fun facts here.

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Survivor San Juan Del Sur

Blood vs. Water Sneak Peek Find out why Survivor still has what it takes after 28 seasons!

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