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Joe's Fake Out Ends In His Own Survivor Farewell

Elimination Q&A

When Joe’s immunity streak came to its untimely end, not even the most gorgeous fake idol in Survivor history could save him. Read his interview with John Cochran to hear his perspective.

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5 Times a Sugar Rush Was Everything

The sweetest surprise

The castaways comment on the fulfillment that came from their latest reward. Hear what they had to say with these exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from Episode 9.

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The Castaways Reflect on Their Survivor Games

Life at Ponderosa

Have you ever wondered what happens after a castaway is eliminated at Tribal Council? They're sent straight to "Ponderosa" where they're able to reflect on their journey.

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6 Reasons Joe Puts The Cool In Joe Cool

Good hair & great skills

Here are just six reasons why Joe has been the epitome of “cool” on Survivor: Worlds Apart since day 1.

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