Amazing Race All-Stars Photos

Accidental Alliance

With the final finish line getting closer, tension between two teams rises. Meanwhile, three teams make a final three alliance in hopes of making it to the final leg.

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Elimination Interview

Flight Time and Big Easy

Flight Time and Big Easy answered your questions about their favorite Race location, their hardest leg and if they'd return to race again!

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Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 8

Interactive Recap "Donkeylicious"

The final six teams get into some drama in Italy! Read on as we break down the episode here!

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Episode 8 Must-See Bonus Clips

3 Amazing Scenes

There was a lot of drama as teams continued their race through Italy, but there's even more that you didn't see!

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Amazing Race All-Stars Photos


The competition gets fierce as the remaining six teams face a double U-Turn, and the Cowboys contemplate a major decision.

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