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Live Feeders Catch Up With Their Favorite Ex-HGs

Find out what six former Big Brother Houseguests said about their seasons, what they've been up to since the show, and their take on BB17.

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BB17 Houseguests Cop Serious Side-Eye

During this week's photo booth session, the HGs give out some major scowls—and we can't help but be intoxicated by their side-eye stares.

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ICYMI How Will Johnny Mac's Return Affect The HGs?

Relive the drama from Ep. 31, including the return of Johnny Mac, the ongoing romance between Liz and Austin, and a nail-biting nomination ceremony.

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7 Things We Learned From Jordan's Live Chat

Past BB winner Jordan Lloyd sits down with Jeff Schroeder to talk about the BB17 Houseguests, her favorite moments this season, and her upcoming nuptials.

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