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First Look: So Many Suspects On Blue Bloods

Danny must determine who murdered a man when multiple women who worked for him all take credit for it. Also, Nicky is arrested with a group of friends when the police find drugs in her car on "The Road To Hell."

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Happy Birthday To Selleck!

Celebrate the man who plays the Reagan patriarch and find out 11 things you may not know about Tom Selleck.

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Check Out Will Estes' Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Are there clydesdales? Puppies? Megastar athletes? Watch the top spot in Super Bowl history according to Blue Bloods star Will Estes, and vote on your own favorite as part of Super Bowl Greatest Commercials 2016!/p>

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First Look: A Retirement Goes Awry On Blue Bloods

When a well-regarded, newly retired NYPD lieutenant is accused of shooting a group of potential muggers on the subway and then disappears, Frank must deal with the fallout on "Stomping Grounds."

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