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The adventures of captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway have captivated Star Trek fans for decades, but their roots have never been fully detailed. How did the Federation, Starfleet, and the wisdom that brought both peace and all of those technological marvels come into being? In the fall of 2001, viewers got their answer in the person of Captain Jonathan Archer and the new series Star Trek: Enterprise. Set in 2151 --- over a century before Kirk's voyages in Star Trek lore --- and only 150 years ahead of our own time, Enterprise set out to explore a whole new world of the unknown. Earth's people have only just perfected the Warp 5 engine and a whole deeper region of space beckons. But in spite of the Vulcans' misgivings, whose "aid" many see as condescending and cautious, the humans strive to realize their potential. Archer is chief among them, but when he is forced to launch his new ship with T'Pol, a Vulcan first officer, a bond of mutual respect slowly grows between them that bodes well for humanity's maturity. Allies and enemies await discovery, protocols are unheard of, and a mysterious Temporal Cold War has focused on Archer's destiny. Will the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise have the raw energy, honor and guts to pioneer the way?
Scott Bakula | John Billingsley | Jolene Blalock | Dominic Keating | Anthony Montgomery