13 Heartfelt Moments Between Molly And Ethan

A mother's love is eternal... and transcendent.

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Confrontations, Transformations and Long-Awaited Reunions

The good news is that Ethan is alive and well. The bad news, he doesn’t remember Molly — and she’s not happy about it. Julie better watch her back.

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9 Reasons Pierce Gagnon Is The Most Adorable Real Boy

On-screen, he's an android named Ethan. Off-screen, Pierce Gagnon keeps it real.

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Extant Delivers Big Clues To Our Burning Questions

This season on Extant, some serious questions have been raised like whether or not Kelsey, JD's daughter, is pregnant with a human child. Don't get too comfortable, there are plenty of new unknowns about the future of the human race. Trust us, you'll want to stay tuned.

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