12 Moments From The Next Hawaii Five-0


On the fourth anniversary of his father's death, McGarrett meets a woman who helps him reopen the last unsolved case his father worked on before his death.

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Five For Fighting Records Song for Hawaii Five-0

100th Episode

Five For Fighting has recorded a song especially for Hawaii Five-0's 100th episode. Get your first taste at what's ahead for Episode 100 on November 7th at 9/8c on CBS.

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6 CBS Sync Facts From The Latest Hawaii Five-0

"Ka No'eau"

Find out how Hawaii Five-0's opening credits pay tribute to the original series.

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4 Moments From "Ka No'eau"

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When a Detroit hit man is taken out by one of his colleagues on the streets of Oahu, Five-0 is shocked to learn the killer's surprising motives.

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