13 Moments From The Next NCIS

Halloween Episode

The NCIS team must determine why a Navy commander's wife is murdered. Meanwhile, the team discusses Halloween costumes and Tony's recent dating habits.

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3 Moments From "The San Dominick"

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During a joint Coast Guard and NCIS training exercise at sea, Gibbs and CGIS Agent Borin spot a deceased man overboard, who is discovered to be a missing crew member from a ship 60 nautical miles away.

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12 Reasons You Wish Abby Was Your Best Friend

NCIS Insider's Blog

Don't you wish Abby was your best friend?

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7 Moments From "Choke Hold"

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The Secretary of the Navy assigns the NCIS team to a joint terrorism task force after a Naval research scientist is murdered and the lead suspect is wanted by the Russian government.

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