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See What Your Favorite Scorpion Cast Members Are Up To This Summer

The stars of Scorpion were busy this summer, Katharine McPhee and Elyes Gabel vacationed together in style. From hoidays in beautiful spots to spending time with family, and of course Comic-Con, these stars have been busy.

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Elyse Gabel Shows Off Secret Talent At Comic-Con


Scorpion star and Renaissance man Elyes Gabel was working overtime in San Diego. Turns out he's really talented behind the camera, too!

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Scorpion's Kat McPhee Dishes About Her Character

The Talk

The actress and singer talked about her upcoming album release and the second season of Scorpion.


'It's As Terrifying As It Looks'

Stunts not for the meek

Find out which Scorpion star you don't want to let behind the wheel of your car! The team gives the inside scoop on filming during this full Comic-Con panel video. And what's this about a Scorpion drinking game?

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