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8 Moments From The Next Episode of Scorpion

"Talismans" S1 E10

When a military plane is shot down in Bosnia, Team Scorpion must help recover its stealth technology before it falls into enemy hands.

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18 Ways Walter And Paige Make Each Other Better People

Team Scorpion

We could all learn a little from Walter and Paige.

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Walter + Paige = Waige

Top 6 Moments

It doesn’t take a 197 IQ to see that there is something going on between Walter and Paige. Check out 6 moments when “Waige” was a genius combination!

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19 Moments From "Rogue Element"

Photo Gallery

Team Scorpion must help protect Cabe's ex-wife after she uncovers evidence that suggests foul play in the death of a prominent congressman.

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