Episode 262 - Wednesday, 27th December 2006

Wednesday, 27th December 2006: A contemplative Ava is shocked when Alan-Michael calls and asks why she never responded to his job offer. As she sees all the Christmas decorations around town, she’s reminded of her mother. Meanwhile, Coop is looking frantically for Ava when he sees a note she left for him. As she sees the Coopers having an idyllic Christmas, Ava finds herself missing her family even more. Alone at the bar, Ava is aggressively pursued by Duke, when Jeffrey unexpectedly shows up to get him off Ava. Jeffrey tries talking with Ava but she’s a bit defensive. Ava leaves, and Duke calls Ava a slut. Jeffrey punches him, but two of Duke’s goons surround Jeffrey. Later, Ava confronts Coop about throwing away the letter and he defends his decision to protect their relationship. The two agree to go to London after all, and when Coop leaves Ava gets a call that Jeffrey has been hurt. Ava is stunned to see Jeffrey, hooked to monitors, so badly hurt. Jeffrey says he didn’t want her to see him like this, and Ava realizes he was hurt protecting her. Ava finds the gift Jeffrey got for her â€" earrings, her birthstone. Ava is devastated to learn that Coop had been the one to tell Jeffrey to leave and not give Ava the gift. Ava tells Coop to stop making decisions for her, and realizes they need a break. Later, Ava asks Alan-Michael if he’s offering her the job because he wants to sleep with her. When he says yes, she thanks him for being the first person not to lie to her, and accepts the job. Coop is comforted by the Coopers, as Ava tries on the jewelry from Jeffrey, feeling like a newly independent Ava.