Season 5: Episode 19 - Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown: A leader of the Montiquan Indian tribe is found dead on the subway after a multi-national fight. Initially, it appears the Chief was shot but further tests reveal that he died of sepsis from an acute intestinal infection cause by a strange pick made from a Baleen whale: clearly it was not an accident. As the team searches for clues to who may have murdered him, they find a Korean father who shot his gun at his daughter’s boyfriend and the bullet pierced the subway car window. They also find a recently settled dispute between an East Indian family and the Chief as well as an angry Gaelic hurling team captain who took a swing at the Chief. None of these people killed him. Turns out one of his tribesmen did it after an online gambling operation went sour. Meanwhile, as Danny picks out boy’s names for Lindsay’s baby, he is shocked to learn they are having a girl.