Episode 79 - Friday, 20th July 2001

Friday, 20th July 2001: Despite Alan and Phillip’s protests, Beth announces that she is going to Mexico by herself to get a divorce. Alan urges Phillip to accompany Beth, but Beth insists that she must go alone. Later, Beth receives the news that her stepfather Bradley has died. Tony is infuriated as Doris grills Danny on the stand, and Ross doesn’t object. Gus is pleased with the direction the trial is taking. Michelle gets an idea and heads off to the dentist to do her own investigation. Blake rushes in with a police file for Ross. Later, after being agitated by Marah, a hotheaded Tony fights with Buzz and gets kicked out of the boarding house. Olivia panics when she realizes Cassie is staring at her travel case, which contains the dirty money. The tension grows as Cassie continues to question Olivia. Fortunately for Olivia, Cassie is interrupted by an anonymous phone call from Edmund telling her to follow the money in San Cristobel. Richard is uncertain about running for President, but after Cassie and Dax encourage him, he decides to join the race. Cassie is thrilled. She is unnerved, however, to feel something rumbling in the distance.