- Season 4 - Episode 20 - Taxi Episode:

Season 4: Episode 20 - Taxi

Taxi: When the body of a New Jersey cop is dumped from a cab outside the NYC police station, the CSIs suspect the "Cabbie Killer" has stepped up his game. However, in a shocking twist, Mac discovers that the cop was moonlighting as a taxi driver, and after being wrongly identified in a blog as the "Cabbie Killer" his coworkers took justice into their own hands. Later, when Mac discovers that Reed was responsible for the blog and ultimately the death of an innocent man, he rails on Reed. However, before Mac can make things right, Reed is abducted by the real "Cabbie Killer" and his only hope of survival is to send Mac clues to his location as he blogs in real time on the killer's post-mortem mutilation of his most recent victim.