7 Things We Learned From Joey McIntyre's Live Chat

The Inside Scoop

Joey McIntyre answered your burning questions about playing Gerard on the show, what life is like on the set, and even shared a few personal tidbits.

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A Very McCarthys Christmas Episode

"Red Sox Swap"

When Pam, the McCarthys' upstairs tenant, is heartbroken over a recent breakup, Marjorie invites her to celebrate Christmas with the family and watch them play their extremely competitive annual gift exchange game.

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The McCarthys GIF-Worthy Moments

A GIF Collection

Check out some memorable McCarthys moments.

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Arthur and Marjorie Spend A Night Apart

Episode 7 Photos

When Marjorie learns she needs to spend the night in the hospital, she fixes Arthur a care package with instructions on how to perform basic life skills.

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