Character: Bret Stiles
Actor: Malcolm McDowell

Bret Stiles is the charismatic leader of the religion known as Visualize. Patrick Jane met him when CBI investigated a murdered newspaper magnate. Visualize is a powerful, worldwide cult that ran farms using forced labor and arranges marriages among its members. Stiles himself is rumored to have killed Visualize's co-founder in the cult's early days. Over the years Stiles and Jane have developed an eerie relationship that's benefited both men. Stiles broke Lorelei Martins out of prison for Jane and told him where Red John was keeping Kristina Frye after she was abducted. For his part, Jane helped Stiles defeat a coup planned by one of his Visualize colleagues.
Character: Gale Bertram
Actor: Michael Gaston

Gale Bertram is the Director of Law Enforcement in Sacramento. As such, he oversees Teresa Lisbon's CBI team and Patrick Jane. He is a powerful political figure and a canny bureaucrat. When Jane used Madeline Hightower as bait to draw out a CBI mole, he was convinced Bertram was Red John's ally. But the mole was FBI Agent Craig O'Laughlin, who was shot and killed. Bertram tried to use O'Laughlin's death and Jane's murder of Timothy Carter to put Jane in prison. Since that effort failed, he and Jane have maintained an uneasy peace.
Character: Robert Kirkland
Actor: Kevin Corrigan

Robert Kirkland is a Homeland Security Agent who is investigating Red John. Kirkland has been tracking Jane for years for reasons that are still mysterious. Kirkland's pursuit of Red John is not entirely legal. He killed Red John's acolyte, Jason Lennon, before Jane could question him. He also ordered Homeland Security Agents to break into Jane's aerie and photograph all of Jane's Red John casework. When last seen Kirkland was studying the fruits of Jane's Red John investigation - to what end, no one except Kirkland knows.
Character: Sheriff McAllister
Actor: Xander Berkeley

Sheriff McAllister is a sheriff in Napa County. The CBI assisted him when a series of serial killings occurred within his jurisdiction. For a time, McAllister was a suspect in the case. When Jane baited a trap for the serial killer with the young Van Pelt, McAllister was the first to approach her. After the trap was revealed, he said he simply meant to help a lost young woman.
Character: Brett Partridge
Actor: Jack Plotnick

Brett Partridge is a Bureau of Forensic Science Lead Agent. He has a particular interest in the Red John case. His appetite for Red John's crime scenes, and his enthusiastic recreation of Red John's killings, led Jane to declare him a ghoul. Partridge claimed the killing of Alison Randolph was Red John's work, though this theory was quickly disproven by Jane. Since then, Jane and Partridge have crossed paths at crime scenes several times, though Partridge has been careful not to offer any theories about Red John when Jane is in earshot.
Character: Ray Haffner
Actor: Reed Diamond

Ray Haffner is a former CBI Senior Agent and a member of Visualize. When Lisbon's team was put on suspension, Gale Bertram assigned Haffner and his team to work her cases, including Red John. But Jane turned Haffner's team against itself, forcing Bertram to pull Haffner off the case and reinstate Lisbon. Recently, Haffner left CBI and formed a private security firm with backing from Visualize. As he was leaving he tried to recruit Lisbon for his firm - an offer she politely, but firmly, refused.
Character: Reede Smith
Actor: Drew Powell

Reede Smith is an FBI agent sometimes partnered with FBI Agent Gabe Mancini. They were assigned the FBI's investigation of Red John in the fallout over the arrest of Lorelei Martins. Patrick Jane believes the CBI's failure to capture Red John was the result of a mole within the FBI who leaked information to Red John. Agents Smith and Mancini both denied the existence of such a mole but were subsequently dismissed from the Red John case.
Bret Stiles Gale Bertram Robert Kirkland Sheriff McAllister Brett Partridge Ray Haffner Reede Smith