Every Gorgeous Reason Gigi Hadid Is The Perfect Cover Girl

This sexy 20-year-old model may be new to the VS Fashion Show, but she's more than ready to strut her stuff on the runway.

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Learn The Secrets Behind The VS Fashion Show: An Exclusive Interview With Monica Mitro

Monica Mitro, Executive Producer of the VS Fashion Show, shares behind-the-scenes info about the planning, preparation, and execution of the hotly anticipated fashion event.

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This Is Why Ellie Goulding Is The One Pop Star Who Matters

The British songstress is set to illuminate the stage at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Tues., Dec. 8 at 9/8c, proving that not all angels have wings.

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16 Facts You Didn't Know About The VS Fashion Show

School yourself with some heavenly history of fashion's biggest night.

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