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5 Moments You Need to See Again: Extant Episode 2
Posted on Jul 17, 2014 07:00am

It’s been weeks since Molly Woods’ return to Earth. Experiments, questions and secrets leave us galaxies away from answers to what is going on at the ISEA. Molly’s bizarre morning sickness, a hair-raising hallucination on the Seraphim, and a suspicious romance are only a few of this week’s scenes that have us scrambling for a rewind button. Check out 5 moments from last night’s episode you need to see twice to believe.

1. The museum birthday party gives ‘interactive’ a whole new meaning.

2. A blast of the past: Kryger vacu-sucks his dead mother right out of the space station.

3. Femi Dodd and Yasumoto? That didn’t look like a business meeting…

4. Molly’s first ultrasound looks suspiciously…normal.

5. Extant to extinct? It looks like Yasumoto’s biological clock is ticking.

See all these moments again and watch the latest full episode of Extant here.