• Season Premiere Tonight 8:30/7:30c

    A young couple inherits a huge rundown country estate, only to find it is teeming with ghosts.
  • Series Premiere Tonight 9/8c

    Successful lawyer Margaret Wright hires her aimless son, Todd, as her firm’s in-house investigator. Solving crimes is easier than working together.
  • Season Premiere Tonight 8/7c

    Exceptional but misunderstood 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper skips four grades to enter high school.
  • Season Premiere Tonight 10/9c

    A brilliant new team of forensic investigators welcomes back old friends and deploys new techniques.

    Bri, a 16-year-old gifted rapper, takes the battle rap scene by storm in order to lift up her family and do right by the legacy of her father.