Behind The Scenes on the Set of Madam Secretary


Blake Being Coiffed

1. Blake Being Coiffed

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: "Blake" @erichbergen being coiffed #MadamSecretary Day 3 episode 12. @MadamSecretary
Seal of Approval

2. Seal of Approval

Twitter @evanroeofficial: No pressure, guys.
Sebastian Arcelus Birthday Crown

3. Sebastian Arcelus Birthday Crown

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Happy Birthday @SebArcelus Sebastian ("Jay") Day 4 Episode 12 #MadamSecretary @MadamSecretary
Birthday Thanks

4. Birthday Thanks

Twitter @SebArcelus: Thx to everyone for the lovely bday wishes! And a shout out to my #MadamSecretary peeps for making it a bright day!

5. Caracus

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: #MadamSecretary in Caracus today! Episode 11 day 8! Photo from Jonathan Brown DP. @MadamSecretary
Prison Lunch Break

6. Prison Lunch Break

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: "Lunch" in a "Texas" correctional institute... #MadamSecretary cast and. crew. @MadamSecretary

7. "Stevie" and "Blake" Running Lines

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: "Stevie" and "Blake" running lines on #MadamSecretary set. Day 7 episode 110.
Setting A Shot

8. Setting A Shot

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Jonathan Brown setting a shot of Eric Stoltz director episode 110 #MadamSecretary
Running Lines

9. Running Lines

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Running lines before scene episode 104 #MadamSecretary

10. Interrogation

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Jonathan Brown's amazing photography of #MadamSecretary interrogation scene. Episode 10. Day 1.
Shooting in Central Park

11. Shooting in Central Park

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Shooting in the park today!! Day 8 Episode 109 #MadamSecretary
James Whitmore Directing

12. James Whitmore Directing

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: James Whitmore directing @MadamSecretary Episode 109 Day 1!
Selfie with the Presidents

13. Selfie with the Presidents

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Selfie - Current President Dalton (Keith Carradine) and Former President... post #MadamSecretary premiere Oyamel DC
Zeljko Ivanek

14. Zeljko Ivanek

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: @ZeljkoIvanek (Russell Jackson) Situation Room Ep 8 day7. Jonathan Brown photog. @MadamSecretary
New York City

15. New York City

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Back in NYC @MadamSecretary Day 6 Episode 108.
Director David Semel and Tim Daly

16. Director David Semel and Tim Daly

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Day 7 Episode 103. David Semel and @TimmyDaly on #MadamSecretary newly built set!
Situation Room

17. Situation Room

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Situation Room. Day 5 Episode 103. #MadamSecretary #WorkingLate
Filming Outside

18. Filming Outside

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Breathing OUTSIDE AIR today on set of #MadamSecretary...!
On Set

19. On Set

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Back in gorgeous State Dept set!!!! #MadamSecretary

20. Golf "Security"

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Security (?) on the set of #MadamSecretary...
Indian Palace State Dinner

21. Indian Palace State Dinner

Twitter @LoriMcCreary: Indian Palace State Dinner #MadamSecretary Ep 107 Day 5...