Madam Secretary's Best-Dressed Moments

Best-dressed Bess

1. Best-dressed Bess

Bess McCord's main focus is her high-profile job and close-knit family, but that doesn't mean she ignores her wardrobe. Amidst her busy schedule, she manages to pull together a chic and sophisticated style that echoes her no-nonsense, charming personality. Scroll through for some of her most memorable ensembles on Madam Secretary.

"The Show Must Go On" (Season 1)
All dolled up

2. All dolled up

Choosing to mix things up, Bess pairs a strapless, floral dress with a glittering headband for a delicate, yet daring, look.

"Connection Lost" (Season 2)
The grey lady

3. The grey lady

For more formal outings, it's a good idea to keep things polished. Bess opted for minimal pieces and classic black pumps at the UN.  

"Ghost Detainee" (Season 2)
Mad for plaid

4. Mad for plaid

With a comfy pair of jeans, a tucked-in plaid shirt, a khaki hat, and her signature smile, Bess nails weekend fashion.

"Catch & Release" (Season 2)
Sheer brilliance

5. Sheer brilliance

Bess sets herself apart by flaunting a cowl-neck dress with sheer sleeves. 

"Standoff" (Season 1)
Hanging loose

6. Hanging loose

Bess proves that a silky baby blue blouse looks even better with an elegant neck-tie.

"The Doability Doctrine" (Season 2)
Singing the blues

7. Singing the blues

Dressed in electric blue, Bess practically demands all eyes on her.

"Game On" (Season 1)
Seeing red

8. Seeing red

Everyone needs a staple piece in their closets. For Bess, a black blazer is the perfect go-to item. By switching up her blouses and jewelry, she keeps things looking fresh. 

"Desperate Remedies" (Season 2)
Caped campus crusader

9. Caped campus crusader

Bess remains stylish and warm by wearing a gorgeous blue cape with an oversized, vibrant turtleneck. 

"Higher Learning" (Season 2)
Toast of the party

10. Toast of the party

One way to prove your confidence to your new colleagues is to wear white to a dinner party. 

"Pilot" (Season 1)
A vision in white

11. A vision in white

Cool, sophisticated, and totally versatile, Bess makes a serious case for lighter shades.

"You Say You Want A Revolution" (Season 2)
Fair-weather friends

12. Fair-weather friends

From pencil skirts and pumps to loose-fitting jeans and boots, Bess never fails to properly accessorize. The pairing of her olive green coat with a blue scarf elevates this look from cute to classic.

"Pilot" (Season 1)
In the trenches

13. In the trenches

Winter isn't complete without a trench coat. With big buttons and oversized pockets, this coat is both practical and stylish. 

"So It Goes" (Season 1)
Two of a kind

14. Two of a kind

Two strong women, side-by-side in their sophisticated ensembles. 

"The Doability Doctrine" (Season 2)