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    S1 E1 Winter is Coming

    When the thermometer plunges, birds fly south and animals hibernate, but where do all the insects go? Winter brings a cruel drama to the insect world, as freezing temperatures mean certain death for many insects. Head to the icy ponds, orchards, and meadows of Central Europe to witness the remarkable adaptations these creatures have developed to survive and make sure their offspring live on until spring.

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Boasting thousands of fascinating species, the insect kingdom of Europe is largely a mystery. Join researchers as they enter this giant jungle of tiny creatures waiting to be discovered. It's a harsh but idyllic world of strange beauty and eccentric behavior, populated by tiny bloodsuckers and micro-cannibals in the form of iridescent jewel beetles, hundreds of types of bees, and a host of otherworldly insects. Despite their small size, these tiny inhabitants play a huge role in the larger ecosystem.
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