• Touched By An Angel

    S9 E21 I Will Walk With You, Part 1

    Monica is up for career review and a possible promotion as she embarks upon what will become her very last and most challenging mission. As she journeys into Ascension, a town recovering from a tragedy, Monica encounters a mysterious drifter named Zack. When they arrive in town, they learn that a devastating accident had occurred there a year ago, killing almost all of Ascension's children and leaving behind a deeply scarred community. Zack is recognized from the day of the accident and suddenly the town has a focus for its anger. The townspeople quickly turn against him and demand that he be tried for the murder of their children. Scott Bairstow guest stars.

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S1 E2 Sep 28, 1994
Show Me The Way To Go Home
S1 E10 Feb 25, 1995
There But For The Grace Of God


Touched By An Angel - Restoration
S7 E4 Nov 05, 2000 45:42
Touched By An Angel - The Invitation
S7 E3 Oct 29, 2000 45:45
The Invitation
Touched By An Angel - Legacy
S7 E2 Oct 22, 2000 45:42
Touched By An Angel - The Face On The Bar Room Floor
S7 E1 Oct 15, 2000 45:44
The Face On The Bar Room Floor

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