Episode Guide

Season 4

Episode Guide

Uncharted Waters of Mediocrity

S4 E22
May 22, 2023
Doubts begin to creep in as Abishola awaits her acceptance letter to the medical school of her dreams in Baltimore. Also, Bob battles his subconscious when he realizes he doesn't want to leave Detroit.

Take Two Yellows and Go to Bed

S4 E21
May 15, 2023
Bob's grand opening party for the sock factory is upstaged by a fight between Abishola and her sister-in-law.

The Genius Who Fell Out of My Womb

S4 E20
May 08, 2023
Bob is thrilled to share a day at his alma mater with Abishola and Dele, but his university doesn't meet Abishola's Ivy League standards.

Keep that Under Your Gele

S4 E19
May 01, 2023
When Bob asks for space from his ever-present mother, Dottie doesn't take it well. Also, Kofo attempts to enjoy the luxuries of living alone but his new landlord, Tunde, overstays his welcome.

A Hundred CCs of Handsome

S4 E18
Apr 17, 2023
When Abishola learns that Bob talked Chukwuemeka into proposing to Kemi, she takes it upon herself to try to fix the situation.

I'll Never Play Banjo Again

S4 E17
Apr 10, 2023
A conflicted Abishola pushes against her Nigerian roots when she opens up about her past to Dele; Bob attempts to bridge an emotional gap with Douglas.

Mmm, Fresh Baked Sock!

S4 E16
Mar 20, 2023
Abishola must reconcile a decade-old wound when she's forced to attend the funeral of an unlikable aunt. Also, Bob struggles at the factory with the first batch of socks before receiving support from an unlikely source.

Every Character Is the Villain

S4 E15
Mar 13, 2023
Bob makes things worse after interfering in Goodwin and Kofo's ongoing spat. Also, Abishola puts her pride on the line when she realizes she's been an inattentive friend to Kemi.

Put That Toe on Ice

S4 E14
Feb 27, 2023
Bob and Abishola attempt to find time together amidst their busy schedules. Also, Goodwin's leadership tactics push Kofo over the edge.

Happy People Are Lazy

S4 E13
Feb 13, 2023
Abishola decides to postpone taking the Medical College Admission Test, surprising everyone (including herself). Also, Christina grapples with taking a job opportunity that could mean the end for Kofo and MaxDot.

My Successful Lawyer Son

S4 E12
Feb 06, 2023
As Bob gears up for delivery day at the new sock factory, he struggles to put his foot down with his opinionated family. Also, Abishola gets a taste of Kemi's new personality when her successful lawyer son comes to visit.

Twerk O'Clock

S4 E11
Jan 23, 2023
When Bob alerts MaxDot's longtime friend and sock manufacturer that he will no longer need their services, Dottie steps in to try to salvage their relationship.

An Afro and a Peugeot

S4 E10
Jan 16, 2023
Bob and Abishola are at odds over whether Dele is ready to get behind the wheel and decide to take matters into their own hands. Also, Christina offers Douglas some work advice only to watch him claim her ideas as his own.

Idle Nigerians

S4 E9
Dec 05, 2022
Abishola's visit to the sock factory during a nurse's strike puts extra pressure on Bob to make the factory successful.

Estée Lauder and Goat Meat

S4 E8
Nov 21, 2022
Bob enlists Tunde's help to renovate the factory. Also, Abishola tries to cheer up Ebunoluwa with a party after she receives bad news from Nigeria.

Your Father's Kingdom

S4 E7
Nov 14, 2022
Abishola turns to Gloria and Kemi when Bob mortgages their home to pay for a new factory space. Also, Kemi worries that she and Chukwuemeka are losing their spark.

Two Rusty Tractors

S4 E6
Oct 24, 2022
Abishola is thrilled when Bob gets back to work and goes on an impromptu road trip with Goodwin.

Kicked Outta the Dele Club

S4 E5
Oct 17, 2022
Bob lets Dele get a new haircut and finds himself caught between an irate Abishola and a surprisingly stubborn Dele. Also, Dottie runs into difficulties with the MaxDot board of directors.

Inner Boss Bitch

S4 E4
Oct 10, 2022
Having spurned her family when she quit MaxDot, Christina turns to Abishola when she's fired from Toesey Woesies. Also, Bob and Uncle Tunde go fishing.

Americans and Their Dreams

S4 E3
Oct 03, 2022
After Bob takes a step back from his busy work life, he decides to buy a boat to enjoy during his free time. Also, a newspaper comes to MaxDot to interview Goodwin.

Bibles to Brothels

S4 E2
Sep 26, 2022
Bob reconsiders his future at MaxDot and seeks advice from an unexpected source (Joel Murray), while Abishola questions Bob's erratic behavior.

Touched by a Holy Hand

S4 E1
Sep 19, 2022
Abishola and Kemi hatch a plan to keep Ebun and the new pastor's flirtation from growing. Also, Bob is thrown for a loop when Goodwin leaves MaxDot for a better job at Christina's company.