Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode Guide

Get In! Get Out! Get Rich!

S1 E1
Oct 13, 2023
Two teams of two face off to grab-and-go prizes from the Cage before their time runs out and the doors close.

Turning Up the Heat

S1 E2
Oct 20, 2023
Firefighting fianc├ęs face two of New York City's bravest in a blazing battle between local heroes. Who will extinguish the competition?

Sister Sister

S1 E3
Oct 27, 2023
It's all in the family as two sets of sisters storm the cage in search of sibling supremacy. Who will come out on top?

City Slickers vs. Chicken Farmers

S1 E4
Nov 03, 2023
A pair of theater friends take the stage against a poultry-loving mother and her stepdaughter. Who will be serving winner, winner, chicken dinner?

Down, Set, Hut!

S1 E5
Nov 10, 2023
It's a colossal clash of former professional football players, including Ephraim Salaam, and their equally competitive wives. The only question is: Can the cage contain them?

Seeing Double

S1 E6
Nov 17, 2023
Two teams of identical twins, including Marianela "Lulu" Gonzalez and Marissa "Lala" Gonzalez (THE AMAZING RACE), tangle in the cage for a chance to take home fabulous prizes. Who will flex the most twin power and take home the biggest prizes?

Show Me the Matri-Money

S1 E7
Nov 21, 2023
It's married couple versus married couple in this high-stakes duel for dollars. Which team will bring home the bacon?

Lovebirds Battle

S1 E8
Dec 01, 2023
Two pairs of lovebirds go head-to-head and cheek-to-cheek in this classic "cage" match. Which team will live happily ever after?

Holiday Extravaganza

S1 E9
Dec 08, 2023
A father-daughter duo faces off against married college sweethearts in this holiday episode! The cage is hollier, jollier and chock-full of life-changing prizes. Who's on the nice list?

Best Friends

S1 E10
Jan 03, 2024
These friends are close, but their enemies are closer in this battle between besties. Who will prevail in this punishing prizefight?

Old Friends vs. New Family

S1 E11
Jan 10, 2024
Best buds of 30 years take on a pair of new parents. Who will take home the loot?

Mommas' Night

S1 E12
Jan 17, 2024
In the RAID THE CAGE season finale, it's all about the moms, as a mother-son team take on a mother-daughter duo in this mighty maternal melee. But which momma will emerge victorious.